The Smart City Concept

The Smart City

The primary purpose of the smart city concept is to automate all urban processes via digital technologies. On order to implement this concept, t is necessary to obtain data using various devices like cameras and sensors.

  • Cameras such as: video surveillance, speed control
  • Sensors such as: weather sensors, environmental sensors, etc.

The Need for a Smart City

Urban growth

Terrorism threat

Budget cuts

The importance of cities in the global economy

Higher loads on urban infrastructure

Environment protection

Orlan – The Smart Solution

“Orlan” is a multifunctional device that combines various functions and performs different tasks.

  • Video surveillance/speed camera
  • Built-in microphone and speakers
  • Chemical and pollution sensors
  • Built-in thermal imaging
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Also has GPS and GLONASS, accelerometer, GSM, SDR, Wi-Fi, a Geiger counter, laser

The Platform "Orlan"- Conceptual Difference:

Multi Purpose

Orlan solutions contain many built-in and also allow to connect external sensors, which allow to detect different issues and implements the concept of a smart city.

Future Oriented

The platform is about the future – in the future due to the special SDR technology, the systems that are not yet implemented can be connected to the camera, which is a base station for such solutions.

Computer Vision

Due to algorithms of video analytics our devices recognize different kinds of emergency situations and send information to emergency control centers and state authorities.

The Platform "Orlan" - Situation Centre

Due to the flexibility and accessibility of the system, the data can be transmitted to other existing systems. Also, a smart control panel can be implemented.

It allows to:

  • Intuitively monitor the situation anywhere in the city;
  • Receive information about the events directly;
  • Coordinate the actions of all urban services

Smart Video Surveillance

Built-in thermal imaging captures accidents and fires

Built-in thermometer and hygrometer monitors weather and specific meteorological conditions

Built-in microphones automatically captures explosions, glass breakage, shots, shouts

Water recognition algorithms automatically detect flood