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Lootech Solutions Hi - Tech Surveillance and Smart City Solutions Provider in the UAE.
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About Lootech

At Lootech, we develop and provide advanced technology solutions for smart video surveillance, computer vision systems, vehicle control and smart systems for both traffic control and smart city operations.

Advanced and Smart Solutions for Traffic Enforcement

Lootech In Action

Serving the Community since 2005

Enabling data collection irrespective of any interference such as terrain or weather changes helps bring in necessary changes that help improve quality of life in city

Our Vision for a Smart City

We stand behind the UAE government’s Smart City initiative and have made it our mission to provide technology that is both environment friendly and cost effective.

Our Solutions

Why Choose Lootech

1. Accuracy

Real time video surveillance and recordings with the help of intelligent video analytics.

2. Sustanability

Sustainable technology solutions that has low power consumption making it an ideal product for today’s market.

3. Modern Design

Latest designs that can also be customized this product can be easily installed into stationary columns and blends perfectly into any modern neighbourhoods.